"Life grows by being given away, and it weakens in isolation and comfort.  It is attained and matures in the measure that it is offered up in order to give life to others." H.H. Francis

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Heart of the Shepherd Hearts of Jesus and Mary Heart of St. John Paul II
  St. John Paul II

Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation
The joy of love that is lived in families
is also the jubilee of the Church...+

"On the Good Samaritan"
Angelus Address of the Holy Father catechizing on Mercy and the importance of recognizing our interdependence on each other

On the Holy Father's Apostolic Journey to Armenia
June 24-26, 2016

**Also see Video Message here

"On Being Made Clean Again"
General Audience of the Holy Father during His Catechesis on Mercy teaching that to entrust ourselves to the will of God means to submit to His infinite mercy...+

Encyclical Letter
"Laudato Si"

Intentions of the Holy Father
Month of July


We always need to contemplate the
mystery of Mercy...+

Our Lady, Mystical Rose
Feast: July 13

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Feast: July 16

"The Two Hearts have Designs
of Mercy for Us"
Talk given by Mother Adela, sctjm
May all hearts open with generosity, humility and availability to the designs of mercy of the Heart of Christ...+

Talks and Conferences from
"In the End My Immaculate
Heart will Triumph"

2nd International Congress in Honor
of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
October 2012

Consecration of the Family to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Written by Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM, based on the legacy of St. John Paul II on the Family

All about the Pilgrimage
of the Official Relic of
St. John Paul II

Testimony of Miracle in 2006

Familiaris Consortio
Apostolic Exhortation on the Family
November 22, 1981

Living Witness to Priestly Love
Tribute to the Priesthood of
St. John Paul II
Mother Adela, sctjm

St. John Paul II and His
"Secret Letters" to a Woman who
was His Colleague and Friend
George Weigel

St. John Paul II on Blessed Mother
Page Compiled by SCTJM

In The Heart Of the Church Saints and Spirituality From the Heart of MOTHER ADELA

St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More: Men for Our Season
Homily of Archbishop Thomas Wenski

"Iuvenescit Ecclesia"
Letter from the Congregation of the
Doctrine of the Faith on
Charismatic Movements and Gifts

Letter from Fr. Juan Solana, LC
Director of the Magdala Center
On the Elevation of the Liturgical Celebration of St. Mary Magdalene to a Feast

Social Network-Savvy Bishop Robert Barron goes life: He will Speak with youth at WYD
Rome Reports

The Truth Must be the Basis of the Law
Archbishop Jose Palma

Wisdom of the Heart:
St. Bonaventure

"The best perfection of a religious man is to do common things in a perfect manner. A constant fidelity in small things is a great and heroic virtue."

St. Benedict
Feast: June 11

St. Bonaventure
Feast: July 15

St. Camilo de Lelis
Feast: July 18

St. Apollinaris
Feast: July 20

"The Heart of Jesus:
Burning Furnace of Love"
Mother Adela, sctjm

"Called to Live in the
School of the Gospel"
By Mother Adela, sctjm

Enfleshing the Legacy
of St. John Paul II
Mother Adela, sctjm

Heart to Heart with
Mother Adela, sctjm

Teaching of the Month:
"The Gospel of Mercy"
Mother Adela, sctjm

Priesthood - COnsecrated Life Doctrine/Morality SCTJM in the NEW EVANGELIZATION
  Doctrine and Morality

Being Formed in the
School of the Holy Rosary
Mother Adela, sctjm

Essential Elements of Religious Life: Another Look
Msgr. Mangan with SCTJM

"Joyfully and Serenely"
33 Questions Regarding Vocations
to the Religious Life
By: SCTJM & Msgr. Charles Mangan

 Do you feel called to
the Religious Life?

Brief vocational exam

On the Participation of
Catholics in Political Life
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

"We Must Protect the Family from the Devil's Attacks"
Cardinal Robert Sarah

A Pastoral Letter on
Morality and Conscience
Bishop John Keating

Watch them Change Their Minds
about Abortion

Calumny and Detraction
Fr. Kenneth Baker, SJ

Eucharistic Cenacle:
June 24, 2016

"Called to be Missionaries of His Word"

Missionaries of Mercy,
Builders of Peace
SCTJM Pilgrimage to World Youth Day
Facebook page

Campaign for 13 Million Rosaries
In preparation for the Centenary
of the Apparitions at Fatima

See more details...

Students of St. Mary's Cathedral School
Singing the Salve Regina
Video by SCTJM

Liturgy and Sacred Scriptures Ecclesial News Communion of Hearts
Ecclesial News

Liturgical Calendar
Month of July

Homilies for the
6th Sunday of Easter

Daily Bread: April 12
"The Eucharist: Our Way of Life"
Fr. Joseph Rogers

Encountering the Heart of
Christ in the Sacred Scriptures
of the Church:
an Introduction to a Spiritual Reading of the Bible and to the Practice of Lectio Divina
By Fr. Joseph Rogers

Africa to be consecrated to Divine Mercy on September 14

Venezuelan government criticized for blocking Church aid

In "Shocking Move" California Churches Forced to Cover Abortions

Are religious teachers being eradicated from Belgian schools?

These Iraqi Children have lost Everything Except Their Faith

List of Christian Movies Scheduled
for Release in 2016

Pilgrimage of Relic of
St. Maximilian Kolbe - 2016
Click here for more information...

Opportunities for
Aiding Persecuted Christians
Knights of Columbus

Official Hymn of WYD 2016 Krakow

World Youth Day 2016
"Blessed Are the Merciful,
for They Shall Obtain Mercy"

*Official Song in English

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“We do not need be the protagonist of everything that happens, but we must always be able to move realities, to move mountains, by prayer, sacrifice, by faith."

The Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary began this page on August 22, 2006, the Feast of the Queenship of Mary,
placing our Marian charism at the service of the New Evangelization.
It is our constant prayer, that this simple effort may help many hearts to discover the splendor of the Magisterium and Treasures of the Church,
and so form ardent and luminous witnesses of the faith to build a new civilization of love and life.

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