XVIII Edition                              May 2003

Heart to heart  
"Marian Consecration"

Mother Adela Galindo, Foundress, SCTJM

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We are in the month of May, the month of Our Blessed Mother Mary, and in the Year of the Holy Rosary, a year of particular grace when we can experience the powerful intercession and maternal mediation of Mary. This year is like a Marian crowing of the Jubilee Year. It is common in the Church to prepare Jubilee Years with a Marian year and, also, to crown them with another one. (RVM, 3) This crowing is a way in which we bring to their fullness and zeal, with strength and ardor, all the graces that have been received, placing them under the maternal care of the Immaculate Heart.

Who better than the Blessed Virgin, the treasurer and Mediatrix of all graces, to dispense and protect them? At the conclusion of the Jubilee Year, in the Apostolic letter, “Novo Millennio Ineunte,” the Holy Father exhorted us to contemplate the Face of Christ, and in this Year, by means of the Apostolic Letter, “Rosarium Virginis Mariae,” he invites us to do this from the Heart of Mary, from the perspective of Her whose Heart was completely united to the life and saving mission of Christ. The Pope sends us forward, to enter into the “school” of the Heart of Mary, so that there we can grow and be formed in the two great oars of the ship of the Church of this Third Millennium: holiness and mission.

To enter into the School of the Heart of Mary is precisely to do the act of total consecration to the Blessed Virgin that was proposed to us by two great Marian saints: Saint Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort and Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe. Therefore, I am convinced that in order to fully live the grace of this Marian Year, it is necessary that we make and regularly renew our consecration to Mary.

To contemplate Christ necessarily requires a greater identification with Him. This work is realized by the Holy Spirit with the fruitful cooperation of the Virgin Mary. Let us read the words of Saint Louis de Montfort: “The Holy Spirit, through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of whom He deigns to make use of, even though He does not need her absolutely, makes present His fruitfulness, producing in Her and through Her, Jesus Christ and His Members. A mystery of grace that is unknown to many, even to many of the wise.” (True Devotion to Mary, Part I, Ch. 1, Article 2)

Saint Louis, in his work, “True Devotion to Mary”, explains to us how the Holy Spirit works great wonders in the souls that open their hearts fully to the maternal presence of Mary. He tells us: “When the Holy Spirit finds Mary in a soul, He flies to it, enters into it fully, communicating abundantly to that soul, and one of the mayor reasons why the Holy Spirit does not now work wonders in souls is because He does not find in them a sufficient union with His faithful and indissoluble Spouse, Mary.” (Part I, Ch. 1, Article 2)

Let us open our hearts to the powerful action of the Holy Spirit, which in a most special way, the Blessed Virgin Mary, through her powerful intercession and maternal mediation, desires to bring upon all souls and upon the entire world during this Year of the Holy Rosary. Saint Louis tells us: “She will produce the greatest things during the last times. The formation and education of the great saints that will come during the last times are reserved to Her because only this most excellent and miraculous Virgin can produce, in union with the Holy Spirit, great and extraordinary things in the Church of Jesus Christ.” (Part I, Ch. 1, Article 2)

But Marian consecration does not only promote and facilitate this work of interior sanctification; it also communicates a special grace of missionary ardor, of evangelical ardor, so as to extend, through Mary, the Reign of the Sacred Heart in the entire world. These men and women, Saint Louis tells us, will ignite the world with the fire of the Holy Spirit. They will fight with one hand, with the power of divine charity, all evil, darkness and error, and with the other hand, will construct with great ardor, the Church of Jesus. They will conduct all men to the true knowledge and love of Jesus and Mary. They will lovingly embrace sinners so as to lead them down paths of sure conversion and return to the Church. They will animate and sustain those who remain faithful and immutable in their faith. They will have a great interior light that will help them to discover the works of the father of lies. “They will have upon their lips the double-edge sword of the Word of God; they will carry upon their shoulders the Banner of the Cross, the Crucifix in their right hand and the rosary in their left hand, and with the Sacred Names of Jesus and Mary on their hearts and the modesty and sacrifice in all of their conduct.” (True Devotion to Mary, Part I, Chapter 1, Article 4)

I exhort you, my dear brothers and sisters, to take advantage of this unmerited grace of the Marian Year dedicated to the Holy Rosary which is a coronation of the Jubilee Year. I believe that it is most significant that it has been defined as a “crown”, which is an object that has always symbolized a reign. Through the Marian consecration lived in fullness, may we “become in the most pure and merciful hands of Mary Most Holy, useful instruments to increase in cold and indifferent souls, as much as it is possible, the reign of the Sacred Heart.” (Saint Maximilian M. Kolbe)

May the Two Hearts Reign!

Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM

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