Hearts of Jesus and Mary- Reflections

Joseph Freedy
Seminarian for the Diocese of Pittsburgh


Tradition tells us she was around 15 years old...a virgin, from an insignificant town in Galilee called Nazareth. She didn’t know it at the time but on her answer, whether it would be ‘yes’ or ‘no’, rested our salvation. How would she answer the Angel?...Scripture makes it clear that Mary was “greatly troubled” by what was said by the Angel and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. And in this trouble, in this trying to understand what was being asked of her, we hear the response that allowed God to become Man.

How did Mary have the courage…a girl of 15…not knowing fully or maybe even partially what the implications of her yes to God would mean…not knowing whether or not her husband to be would understand, how could he? Not knowing that this child promised her would be born in a manger, a feeding place for animals. Not knowing that she would have to flee from her home country because her child was being hunted down to be murdered by the Romans. Not knowing that she would stand weeping in the midst of an angry mobbed that ravenously screamed for the torture and crucifixion of her Son. Not knowing she would stand with only one of His disciples at the foot of her Son’s cross as he breathed his last……. Not knowing that this same man, this God-man, would open the gates of heaven, and save the entire world. How did she have the courage?

In my own personal prayer about this mystery, the Annunciation, I imagine Mary at the time of her response, with her eyes closed gently, with her hands, extended and open in front of her. I imagine at that moment Mary went into the deepest recesses of her heart, a place of profound communion with her creator…I imagine she recalled her Father, her heavenly Father…and from her knowledge of Him, and His love for her, arose her response,…it rose up past the fear, the excitement, the anxiety, the wonder that swarmed about her…I imagine she lifted her head, looked at the Angel Gabriel with Immaculate peace and said, “Gabriel, look at me, – I am the Lord’s daughter and his servant, may it be done unto me according to your word – I trust so deeply in God’s love for me, and his power over all things, that it would be foolishness to do anything other than what he wants, to follow any other plan than the one he has for my life…Let it be done to me as you have said. I trust fully in my God because I see him in truth for who he is…my Loving Father who will never abandon or forsake me. I trust that he knows what’s best for me, and wants what’s best for me, and will always do what’s best for me. I trust in his plan, I trust in his love, so go Gabriel, run back to God and tell him “Yes”, let it be done…tell him to take all of me, whatever he wants, take my life, I give it all to Him…let it be done as he desires…I know how deeply he loves me and I trust him…with my very own life. Thank you Mary.

Our Mother’s courage, her response of “Yes” to God, arose from her knowledge and belief in God’s love for her.

We too know (at least in part) how deeply God loves us. We might not always feel it, but feelings, though important, are not the same as knowledge. So if it’s the feeling of God’s love your grasping after, stop grasping, look at the Cross, look at the Eucharist and choose to believe.

Dear Mother Mary, we too know (at least in part) how deeply God loves us. Heal the blindness of our hearts, that we might see him for who he truly is: Our all-powerful, Loving Father, who only desires what’s best for us. Help us Mother, to open our hearts wider this day, to receive more deeply his love, and thus become witnesses of his love, to a broken world. We ask this of you Mother, as we kneel before your Son and in His Name…Amen.

Joseph Freedy is a Seminarian at the Pontifical North American College in Rome studying for the Diocese of Pittsburg. He will be ordained a Deacon on Oct. 4, 2007.





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