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What is the Trinity? (CCC 232-260)

God is a Trinity of three Persons in one God. Each Person of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is fully God and all three Persons have the same divine nature. However, each Person is distinct from the other. The Trinity is the central mystery of our Catholic faith.

Why is God a Trinity and not simply one Person in one God?

There are many answers to this question, for the mystery of the Trinity is infinitely deep. However, we will look at one of the most important answers. It is essential that God is Trinity, and in fact, it is more correct to say that for God to be God, He must be a Trinity of three Persons – otherwise He would not be God. The simple reason is that God is Love. Love, by its nature has two fundamental truths. One, Love is given away to another without holding anything back. In other words, love cannot be kept to itself; it is inherently unselfish. Two, love is fruitful. The gift of love produces fruit. Therefore, for God to be love, He must be able to give Himself away fully to another. In an oversimplified explanation, the Father gives Himself to the Son, the Son gives Himself back fully to the Father, and the Love flowing between them is the Person of the Holy Spirit. Love = gift and fruit.

What did God mean when He said His name is “I AM”? (CCC 203-209, 212-213)

“God is the fullness of Being and of every perfection, without origin and without end” (CCC 213). More simply. To have being means you exist. We all exist, and therefore, we all have being. But there was a time each one of us did not exist. We were not; we lacked being. However, God has always had Being – He has always existed. Furthermore, He is the Cause of our existence.  In other words we did not make ourselves exist – He did. As well, He is the fullness of Being and perfection. In other words, everything that does exist and could exist He has in its entirety. For example, creatures are beautiful, but they could be more beautiful. God is Beauty itself – He possesses infinite beauty.

Why do we call God a Father and not a mother? Does this mean that God is a man? (CCC 370)

To begin, God is neither male nor female, for He is pure Spirit and has no physical parts or matter. However, God refers to Himself as Father, and this is the primary reason we do the same. Many ask why this is and whether or not it is important. To begin, because God refers to Himself as Father, we must automatically and humbly do the same; however, we can also assume there is a good and important reason. We were created male and female because we were created to love. To love implies another. The male and female bodies clearly show us that they are made to love one another, and each has a distinct role in this act of loving. The male initiates and is “first;” he is the life giver. First not just in order of creation, but in the act of producing life, he must first give before the woman can receive. The woman, in turn, receives that which is given by the man and nurtures that life within her person. She gives to the life, sustaining it and bringing into more mature being. Together they produce fruit. Because of these distinct, God-given roles, it follows that God must primarily play the role of Father (we are assuming that all perfections of both woman and man are from God). In the order of creation, God is the initiator, the live giver. He gives life and humanity receives it. The Church is rightly referred to as His Bride because she receives His life within herself, nurtures it and produces fruit for the world. When we try to call God a mother, we are inherently stealing from Him the role of life giver, and potentially trying to take the role ourselves. Therefore, it is essential that we give God the title that designates Him as the first Cause of everything.

Who is God? (CCC 210-211, 215-221)

God is Truth and Love. He is pure Truth and the source of all Truth. God is Love. This love manifests itself primarily as mercy before we reach Heaven. Mercy is a faithful Love that will always forgive. Each of these attributes of God – Truth and Love – was put into question by Satan in the garden: is God really good and to be believed? He sent His Son to reveal to us the truth – that He is love. Not believing that God is good and Someone Who can be trusted is the root of every sin.




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