Theology of the Heart- Life of the Saints- St. Fabian


Pope and martyr

Feast: January 20





St. Fabian was Pope from the years 236-250. He came to Rome after Anterus died with others from his farm and was in Rome when the election began for the new Pope.  While many others were being considered, a dove flew down upon the head of Fabian. When those who were assembled to elect the new Pope saw this, they thought of the Gospel passage of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ, and with unanimity, they elected Fabian as Pope. Pope Fabian reigned for fourteen years and during this time, there was a quiet period of the time of persecution. He divided Rome into 7 districts, each he appointed a deacon as well as 7 subdeacons. He instituted 4 minor orders and worked significantly on the catacombs. Pope Fabian consecrated 7 bishops as missionaries to Gaul. He was condemned of a heresy in Africa, but Origen defended Pope Fabian’s orthodoxy of his teaching. Pope Fabian died as a martyr on Jan 20th, 250 and is buried in the crypt of the Popes.



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