Saints and Theology of the Heart - St. Gregory of Nyssa

Father of the Church

Memorial: March 9
Older brother of St. Basil the Great and fiend of Saint Gregory Nazianzen

Writings of the Saint:
The Christian is another Christ - From a treatise on Christian Perfection
God can be found in man's heart- homily
We possess Christ, our peace, our light! - From a treatise on Christian Perfection

St. Gregory of Nyssa was born between the years 330-335 in Cesarea, Capadocia. He died between the years 395-400. He was educated in Athens. He was influenced by the works of Origen and Plato. He was married to Theosebeia and was a professor of rhetoric. He was disappointed with his life as a teacher and later he was ordained to the priesthood and became a hermit. His mother and sister also lived the monastic life. He was named the Bishop of Nyssa, Armenia in 372 and later Archbishop of Sebaste. He fought strongly against the arian heresy.

He was known for his writings about contemplation, Christian mysticism, his writings on Sacred Scripture and theology of the Trinity. He was one of the leaders of the Council of Constantinople in 381 and the Council of Antioch in 341.
His poor skills in financial administration caused the governor to accuse him of stealing the property of the Church and imprisoned him. He escaped, but he was deposed by a synod of bishops in 376. He was exiled for two years, but afterwards was restored to his diocese.




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