Theology of the Heart- Life of the Saints- St. Lucy



304 AD

Feast: December 13

Etym: From Latin "lux" (one that bears light)



Born into a wealthy family in Sicily St. Lucy was well educated in the Catholic faith. Her father died when she was a baby, but her mother continued to take special care that Lucy learned the faith. When she was still very young she offered her virginity to God. She kept this ask a secret between her and God. Her mother began to ask her to marry a young man who was a pagan. Around this same time Lucy’s mother became ill with a flood of blood that continued for four years. No doctor could find a cure for her illness. Eventually she was able to convince her mother to go to Catana and offer prayers in front of the tomb of St. Agatha. Their prayers were answered and the flow of blood dried up.

After this Lucy had the courage to tell her mother about her vow of virginity and her desire to give herself totally to God. She wanted to give everything she had to the poor. Her mother allowed her to do this. The man that was to marry Lucy became very angry and learning about this and in his anger brought her before the governor Paschasius and exposed her as a Christian. The judge sentenced her to be brought to a brothel house, but Lucy could not be moved. The guards were unable to pick her up by the grace of God. Lucy overcame many other tortures including fire. She received many wounds and eventually died in jail because of them. She became a martyr of the church in about the year 304.






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