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Saint Barnabas

Feast: June 11

St. Barnabas is very important in the foundation of the early Church. He is known as one of the Apostles and is included in the Acts of the Apostles and the letters of St. Paul. He was born in Cyprus with the name of Joseph. The apostles gave him the name of Barnabas which means “Son of Encouragement” for the work he did in the Church. His family was Jewish from the tribes of Levi.

He believed in the power of the message of the Gospel to change the hearts of others. He convinced the apostles that Saul had converted from a persecutor to an apostle. He was one of the first to understand the mission of the Church being universal. He was sent to strengthen the Christians in Antioch, in which Paul joined him and they went throughout the Asia Minor, preaching in synagogues.

 At one point, Paul and Barnabas separated from each other because of a disagreement over Mark. Barnabas joined Mark and went to Cyprus and Paul joined Silas and went in another direction. He was martyred in Cyprus, but it is unknown the year that he died.


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