Saints and Theology of the Heart - St. Blase

Patron of Diseases of the Throat and Laryngologists
St. Blase
Feast: February 3

St. Blase was a bishop and doctor from Sebaste, Armenia. He lived as a hermit in a cave on Mt. Argeus. He  was known for his gift of miraculous healing. He saved the life of a boy who was choking on a fish spine. This was the origin of the custom of blessing throats on his feast day. According to a legend, sick animals also sought him out to be cured, but they did not bother him during his time of prayer.

When the persecution of Agricola, the governor of Cappadocia, against Christians came to Sebaste, his hunters went to find animals in the woods of Argeus to be used for the games in the arena and found many waiting outside St. Blase's cave. They found St. Blase in prayer and arrested him. Agricola tried without success to make him apostize. In prison, St. Blasé healed several prisoners. Finally he was thrown into a lake. St. Blase, standing on the surface, invited his persecutors to walk on the water and thus demonstrate the power of their gods. But they drowned. When he returned to land, he was tortured and beheaded. He lived around the year 316.


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