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Feast: July 21

St. Lawrence was born in Brindisi, Italy, on July 22nd, 1559. He felt called to Religious Life early in his life and was educated by the Friars Minor Conventuals in Brindisi. His father died when he was twelve, and just a few years later, he felt called to enter the Capuchin friars, taking the name, Brother Lorenzo. He studied at the University of Padua, learning the languages: French, German, Greek, Spanish, Syriac, and Hebrew.

As a priest, he taught theology and also served as a linguist and military chaplain. He preached in each of the languages he learned from his studies at the university. He founded convents in Austria and the Czech Republic.

When he was military chaplain, he led the German princes into battle against the Turkish forces in Hungary. The only weapon he carried was his crucifix and they were able to completely defeat the Turks. He was master general from 1602-1605 and after they wanted him to serve another term, he turned it down. He carried out peace mission to Germany and Spain. In 1605, he went to evangelize in Germany. While celebrating Mass, he often fell into ecstasy. He died on his birthday, July 22nd, 1619, in Lisbon, Portugal. He was beatified by Pope Pius VI on June 1st, 1783. He was canonized by Pope Leo XIII on December 8th, 1881. He is a doctor of the Church and patron of Brindisi, Italy.


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