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King of France

Feast: August 25

He realized that all the things of this world belong to the King of heaven. He knew the spiritual and temporal care of his subjects well.

Summary: Born the year 1214. He took the throne as king of France at the age of twenty-two. In

his marriage he had eleven children, and educated and prepared them, with a solid education. He was distinguished by his spirit of penance and prayer, and his love for the poor. In his way of governing, he was concerned for peace among nations and the temporal and spiritual good of his subjects. He promoted two crusades in order to liberate the tomb of Christ, and died near Carthage in 1270.

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Louis was born on April 25, 1214, in Poissy near Paris during the medieval period. Among his contemporaries were St. Thomas and St. Bonaventure. His parents are King Luis VIII and Blanche Castilla. When Luis was only 12 years old he was proclaimed as Luis IX in 1227 when his father died. In 1235 he married Margaret Provence and eleven children. Louis was an exemplary husband and father. St. Louis was marked by a spirit of penance and prayer. He did not permit his power and ambitions of his kingship take over him. He was concerned of peace among the nations, was an enthusiastic king who could defend the Church and seek justice. He was compassionate especially towards the poor. He belonged to the Third Order of Franciscans. He founded many monasteries and built the famous Saint-Chapelle in Paris, close to the cathedral in order to hold a large collection of relics. King Louis was able to lead and guide his armies in order to defend France. He defeated King Henry III of England in 1242. He led two crusade with the intention of arrest the invasion of Muslims and liberate the tomb of Christ. In the first crusade he was taken as a prisoner in Egypt and during the second one he died of dysentery near Cartagen (North Africa) in 1270. He was 55 years old and reigned for 44 years. He was canonized in 1297.

Prayer from the Divine Office
O God, who has moved to S an Luis de France fanes the temporary government to the kingdom of your glory, grant, through his intercession, seek first your kingdom in the midst of our temporal business. By nues tro Lord Jesus Christ.


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