Theology of the Heart: Wisdom of the heart- B. Angela of Foligno

Wisdom of the heart

The Fire of Christ comes to Light
Blessed Angela of Foligno

A way in which the soul knows that God is within it is by an embrace which God bestows upon the soul. Never has a mother embraced her son which such love, nor can anyone else on this earth be imagined who embraces with a love that nears the indescribable love with which God embraces the soul. God posses it to himself with such tenderness and such love that I think that no one on earth who has not had this experience can believe it.

This embrace of God sets ablaze a fire within the souls with which the whole soul burns for Christ. It also produces a light so great that the soul understands the fullness of God's goodness which it experiences in itself, and which is, moreover, much greater than the soul's experience of it. The effect then of this fire within the soul is to render it certain and secure that Christ is within it.

In this state, God, likewise, produces in the souls such a super abundance of joy that it does not know what more to ask for; more, if this state lasted I would consider myself to be in paradise. This joy has an effect that can be observed in every part of the body. Everything bitter or injurious or whatever else one could be afflicted with becomes sweet.

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