"In order to ascend the mountain of Holiness, we must first ask the Holy Spirit to give us light to know ourselves.
No one can seek purification if they do not see the necessity of it."

Mother Adela Galindo, SCTJM
Foundress of SCTJM and FCT

Our Unfaithfulness

1-Do I love God about all things or have I been unfaithful to the Lord, loving myself more than Him? Have I trusted in other gods like money,
superstition, or other practices?

2-Do I believe God has created my heart for a sublime life of love, or do I doubt his love and his plan for my life?

3-Do I seek my own desires and interests or do I seek the desires and will of God?

4-Does the will of God guide my life and decisions?

5-Have I thought more about “my things” than his Word?

6-Are my thoughts and choices guided by the logic of the Gospel of Love and by Christian virtue?

7-Do I permit the Lord to purify my understanding and my concepts of love?

8-Do I look for holiness with all my heart, understanding the demands and the personal responsibility that it carries?

9-Do I reject sin with decisiveness and seek the holiness to which I am called, or am I inconstant in my decision to pursue it?

10-Do I seek God in love, sacrifice and truth, or do I seek him in different places?

12-In life, do I go after what is passing, or do I look for Him who does not pass away and Him for whom my soul longs?

13-Have I been unfaithful, permitting my flesh to guide my actions, rather than the Spirit and virtue?

14-Have I been faithful in the small things that correspond to my vocation?

15-Do I praise the Lord in all moments and give him thanks both for his providence and for the sufferings that He permits, or do I rebel and complain about them?

16-Do I offend the Love of God, resisting forgiveness or refusing to ask pardon for my faults and errors?

17-Do I respond with maturity and responsibility in my spiritual life?

18-Have I made good use of my freedom, choosing the good, the beautiful and the true?

19-Do I lovingly dedicate time to God, or do I do it simply to fulfill an obligation?

20-Have I been moved by pride in my relationships with God and others?

21-Is my faith in God – who spoke to us through his Son – firm? Have I adhered firmly to the doctrine of the Church?

22-Have I constantly and consistently applied myself to my Christian formation, to listening to the Word of God, to participating in ongoing catechesis, and to avoiding all that endangers the faith?

23-Is God’s Word the fountain from which I seek help before all the needs in my life? Is it my security and my strength?

Our Faults

1-Do I commit error because I fail to apply my mind and heart to the vocation to which I have been called?

2-Do I have so much pride in my heart that I do not allow myself to be taught by others?

3-Is my heart simple, humble, honest, docile, and one of integrity, one that allows me to be taken up the mountain of holiness?

4-Are my falls a product of internal rebellion or passivity?

5-Am I capricious and always seeking my point of view, or am I willing to yield for the common good?

6-Do I recognize that I have greatly failed in charity?

7-Do I bring peace to my surroundings? Do I have peace in my heart? Do I look for peace among the people with whom I live, work, share, etc.?

8-Am I ready to point out the faults of others before accepting my own?

9-Do I recognize that I do not maturely live out the responsibilities of my vocation? Do I constantly complain?

10-Do I ignore my own duties and fix my attention instead on what others do? Do I speak in such a way to let people know about other’s faults, doing so either subtly or openly?

11-Have I consciously allowed some capital sins or vices to entrench themselves in my heart? Have I taken serious responsibility over them and done something to un-entrench them, or do I simply see them and let them be?

12-Have I made an ascetical plan of life in order to battle my own sins and inclinations? 

13-Have I lived with radicality the demands of the Gospel or have I accommodated the Gospel to my liking?

14-Have I specifically named my sins, or have I excused and justified myself and my bad opinions?

15-Do I resist or resent the people or instruments that God uses for me to see my sins, imperfections or sinful tendencies?

16-Do I take advantage of my brothers and sisters, using them for my own ends? Do I treat others how I want to be treated? Have I scandalized people with my bad words or actions?

17-In my family life…. 
As a son or daughter, have I obeyed my parents, have I honored them or aided them in their spiritual or material needs? As a father or a mother, have I been careful concerning the instruction and Christian education of my children, helping them with my good example and through the exercise of my authority? As a spouse, have I been faithful in my heart and with my conduct?

18-In my professional life, have I been just, active, honest, and service-oriented?

19-Have I violated the physical integrity, life, reputation or honor of my neighbor? Have I damaged or appropriated for myself any of his goods? Have I suggested, persuaded, or procured an abortion for myself or others? Have I separated myself from others through fights, insults, or anger? Have I refused to defend the innocence of someone who is being accused, when I know the truth?

20-Have I desired, in an unjust or disordered manner, the goods of other people, or have I robbed someone? Have I damaged their property? Have I been careful in making restitution for other people’s goods and in repairing damage I have caused?

Our Slowness

1-Am I prompt to service? Do I give the best of myself or do I do things reluctantly and to stay out of trouble?

2-When the Lord speaks in his Word, do I take that Word to prayer and apply it in my daily life?

3- Do I show my discontent when other people contradict me?

4-Am I lazy in my mind and will, forcing others to think for me about my responsibilities?

5-Am I lazy in my will, not going against that which my flesh desires? 

6-Am I lazy in my body, caring for it too much, wanting to please it with food, drink or things that it likes all the time?

7-Am I lazy with my time, doing everything slow? Do I procrastinate?

8-Am I lazy in my feelings and affections, not taking the necessary time to be detailed and attentive in my care for others?

9-Do I dedicate time to prayer or do I constantly leave it for another moment? Is it a joy for my heart?

10-Do I give my effort to ascending the mountain of holiness without counting the cost, or am I indifferent to this call?

11-Do I recognize the attachments of my heart to be created by my sinful tendencies and erroneous choices, or do I see them as a part of my person and not even question myself about them?

12-Does my heart tend to be poor, pure, meek, merciful, just, and peaceful, or do the values of the world prevail in it instead?

13-Do I seek the grace of God in the sacrament of reconciliation when I have lost it through a gravely wrong choice, or am I indifferent to the state of my soul?

14-Do I truly believe in the mercy of God that can pardon and restore my heart?

15-Have I been generous with the goods I have received through the providence of God, or have I guarded them only for my use?

Our Incoherencies

1-Is my life a witness of the Gospel and its demands of love?

2-Am I, with my language and way of relating, a witness to the dignity of man? Am I a builder of the civilization of love through my true fraternity and solidarity?

3-Do I make resolutions of change, but then later not persevere in them?

4-Do I make concrete acts for myself to decrease and Christ to increase?

5-Do I do good works for others without revealing them?

6-Do I guard and hide my talents, or do I use them for the good of the Kingdom of God?

7-Do I lose my prace before the different situations of life?

8-Do I walk in the light, or do I keep to myself things that I do not want others to know about?

9-Am I capable of turning the other cheek when they strike me? Am I prompt to pardon or ask for pardon, or have I voluntarily kept hate and a desire for vengeance in my heart?

10-Do I have the humility to recognize and submit to those in authority over me, or do I resist authority? Have I obeyed and respected legitimate authority?

11-If I had a responsibility or exercised some authority, did I do it with a spirit of service and for the good of others?

12-Have I caused damage and been unjust to my neighbor through my judgments, reckless suspicions, malicious thoughts and words, calumnies, or the telling of other’s secrets?

13-Is my heart upright, without double intentions in my thoughts, words or actions? Do I always seek the truth?

14-Do I see others as children of God and as my brothers and sisters?

15-Do I recognize my need for purification?

16-Have I made bad use of my freedom, choosing what is evil and blaming others for these bad choices?

17-Do I recognize the work of God in my soul and respond to his movements of grace, or do I  pridefully lose my patience upon seeing myself still far away from holiness?

18-Do I respond with maturity and responsibility in my spiritual life?


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