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"One of the basic characteristics of a shepherd must be to love the people entrusted to him, even as he loves Christ whom he serves. 
“Feed my sheep”, says Christ to Peter, and now, at this moment, he says it to me as well. 
Feeding means loving, and loving also means being ready to suffer"
(Homily at inaugural Mass)

"Love made Christ descend, and love is also the power by which he ascends. The power by which he brings us with him." - April 7, 2007

 "Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts and asks to come in not just for one day, but for forever." - June 07, 2007

"May Mary.. with her maternal care may she help us to follow Jesus, to know the truth, and to live in the freedom of love.." - July 1, 2007

 "Man is redeemed by love, which renders social life good and beautiful. Because of this the great hope, that one that is full and definitive, is guaranteed by God, by God who is love, who has visited us in Jesus and given his life to us." - Dec. 2, 2007

"Christian joy thus flows from this certainty: God is near, he is with me, he is with us, in joy and suffering, in health and sickness, as friend and faithful husband."- Dec. 12, 2007

"The mission arises from the heart: When one pauses to pray before a crucifix, looking at that pierced side, one cannot but feel within oneself the joy of knowing that one is loved and the desire to love and to make oneself an instrument of mercy and reconciliation." - October 22, 2006

"In the Gospel, we hear of a poor widow who gave to the Lord all she had, without keeping anything for herself. Her generosity is an inspiration to all of us to give ourselves totally to Christ." - November 12, 2006

"The victory of love is possible; what is more... it is certain." - December 8, 2008

"Suffering is the path of transformation, and without suffering nothing changes."

"Without in any sense renouncing personal responsibility, the free human response to God thus becomes "co-responsibility", responsibility in and with Christ, through the action of his Holy Spirit; it becomes communion with the One who makes it possible for us to bear much fruit (cf. Jn 15:5)."
Message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2009

"The Church lives in people and whoever wants to get to know the Church, to understand its mystery, must consider the people who have lived and who continue to live its message, its mystery."  April 22, 2009

"Love transforms every thing...Looking upon him and worshiping him, we say: Yes, love exists, and since it exists, things can change for the better and we can hope." - June 14, 2009

"The figure of the Child Jesus, the tender infant, brings home to us God's closeness and his love. We come to understand how precious we are in his eyes, because it is through him that we in our turn have become children of God" - September 27, 2009, Prague.

"The Virgin Mary is the Star that guides every journey of holiness. Her 'Fiat' is a model of perfect adherence to the divine will and her 'Magnificat' expresses the song of exultation of the Church..." Angelus, October 11, 2009

"The figure of the Child Jesus, the tender infant, brings home to us God’s closeness and his love. We come to understand how precious we are in his eyes, because it is through him that we in our turn have become children of God.” - September 27, 2009

"Truly, dear friends, the saints are the best interpreters of the Bible; they, incarnating in their lives the Word of God, render it more than attractive, so that it really speaks to us.”  - January 27, 2010

"Love is the essence of God himself, it is the meaning of creation and history, it is the light that gives goodness and beauty to every man’s existence.” January 31, 2010

"Thanks to Christ’s action, we may enter into the "greatest" justice, which is that of love (cf. Rm 13, 8-10), the justice that recognizes itself in every case more a debtor than a creditor, because it has received more than could ever have been expected.” Lenten Message 2010

"By the very fact that God is love and man is in his image and likeness, we understand the profound identity of the person, his vocation to love. Man is made to love; his life is fully realized only if he lives in love.”  Message- March 20, 2010

"Whoever fixes his gaze upon that pierced Heart that is always open out of love for us, senses the truth of this invocation: “Lord, you are my only good”... and is ready to leave everything to follow the Lord” Angelus - 6/27/10

"The Petrine ministry is a guarantee of freedom in the sense of full adherence to truth and authentic tradition, so that the People of God may be preserved from mistakes concerning faith and morals." Homily  - 6/29/10

"To trust God does not mean to see everything clearly according to our criteria, it does not mean to carry out what we have planned; to trust God means to empty ourselves of ourselves and to deny ourselves, because only one who accepts losing himself for God can be 'just' as St. Joseph, that is, can conform his own will to God's and thus be fulfilled." Address - 7/5/10

"The Christian’s project, taken from Jesus’ teaching, is “a heart that sees” where love is needed and acts appropriately." Angelus 7/11/10

"Without love, even the most important activities lose value and do not bring joy." Angelus 7/18/10

“We are in no way already complete as sons of God, but we must more and more become so and be so through our ever deeper communion with Jesus. Being sons becomes equivalent to following Christ.” from "Jesus of Nazareth," p. 168, as cited in the Angelus 7/25/10

"We have seen that also today the Church, although she suffers so much, as we know, is, however, a joyful Church. It is not an aged Church, but we have seen that the Church is young and that faith creates joy." Words on seeing film on Pontificate 7/30/10

"Let us not limit ourselves to admire Mary in her glorious destiny, as a person who is far from us: no! We are called to see what the Lord, in his love, also willed for us, for our final destiny: to live through faith in perfect communion of love with him and thus to truly live.” Homily on the Assumption 8/16/10

"Let us ask him and the Virgin Mary to guide us along the way of humility to become worthy of the divine recompense." Angelus 7/29/10

"Yes, the Lord wants me, and he will give me strength. If I listen to him and walk with him, I become truly myself. What counts is not the fulfilment of my desires, but of his will. In this way life becomes authentic.” WYD Message 2011 (8/6/2010)

As Bishop of Rome and Successor of the Apostle Peter, I reaffirm – like my predecessors – that the Church is committed to praying and working tirelessly to ensure that hatred will never reign in the hearts of men again." Pilgrimage to Holy Land - May 11, 2009

"Our eternal destiny is conditioned by our attitude; it is up to us to follow the road to life that God has shown us, and this is the road of love, not understood as sentiment but as service to others in the charity of Christ." Angelus Message 9/26/10

"The Church invites us to learn from Mary, by praying the Holy Rosary, to contemplate the Father's plan of love for humanity, to love her as he loves her.” Angelus Message 10/3/10

"It is a prayer of the heart in which the repetition of the "Hail Mary" orients one's though and affection toward Christ, and thus one confidently supplicates his Mother and ours." Angelus Message 10/10/10

"The missionary task is not to bring about revolution in the world but to transfigure it, drawing power from Jesus Christ." Angelus Message 10/24/10

 "The world becomes beautiful and good if one knows this will of God and if the world corresponds to this will of God, which is the true light, beauty, love that gives the   world meaning." Q- & A- with Catholic Action Youth 10/30/10

"Do not tire of entrusting yourselves to Christ and of proclaiming him with your life, in the family and in every environment." General Audience 11/10/10

"Let us learn from her, the woman of Advent, to live with a new spirit in our daily gestures, with the sentiment of a profound expectation that only the coming of God can fulfill." Angelus Message 11/28/10

"As we contemplate in the Mother of God a life totally shaped by the word, we realize that we too are called to enter into the mystery of faith, whereby Christ comes to dwell in our lives." Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Dei as cited in Angelus Message 12/5/10

"Mary, Mother of Christ, tells us that Grace is greater than sin, that God's mercy is more powerful than evil, and it is able to transform it into goodness." Angelus Message 12/8/10

"We venerate the legal father of Jesus (Code of Canon Law, 532), because the new man takes form in him, who looks to the future with confidence and courage, does not follow his own project, but entrusts himself totally to the infinite mercy of him who fulfills the prophecies and inaugurates the season of salvation." Angelus Message 12/19/10

"The Word-become-a-child helps us to understand God's way of acting, so that we will be capable of allowing ourselves to be transformed increasingly by his goodness and his infinite mercy." General Audience 12/22/10

"Those who love desire to share with the beloved, they want to be one with the beloved, and Sacred Scripture shows us the great love story of God for his people which culminated in Jesus Christ." Christmas Message 12/25/2010

"His humility is determined by a desire to establish full communion with humanity, by the desire to achieve a true solidarity with man and his condition." Homily, Baptism of the Lord 1/9/2011

"The events of our time bring very much to light the urgent need for Christians to proclaim the Gospel with their life.” General Audience, 1/12/11

"To be a sign and instrument in the world of intimate union with God and of unity among men, we Christians must base our life on these four cardinal principles: life founded on the faith of the Apostles transmitted in the living Tradition of the Church, fraternal communion, the Eucharist and prayer." Angelus Message 1/23/11

"The Beatitudes are a new program of life to liberate us from the false values of the world and open us to the true goods, present and future." Angelus Message 1/30/11

"The Lord cares for man in every situation, shares his suffering and opens his heart to hope." - Angelus Message, 2/6/11

"Christian life does not grow if it is not nourished by participation in the liturgy, particularly in Sunday's holy Mass, and by personal daily prayer, by personal contact with God." - General Audience, 2/9/11

"We are all called to love unconditionally, as today’s Gospel reminds us, and to place ourselves generously at the service of our neighbor." - Angelus Message, 2/20/11

"Jesus has demonstrated to us what it means to live with our feet firmly planted on the earth, attentive to the concrete situations of our neighbor, and at the same time having our heart always in Heaven, immersed in God's mercy." - Angelus Message, 2/27/11

"The victorious battle against temptation, the starting point of Jesus’ mission, is an invitation to become aware of our own fragility in order to accept the Grace that frees from sin and infuses new strength in Christ." - Lenten Message 2011

"God does not tolerate evil because he is Love, Justice, Fidelity; and it is precisely because of this that he does not wish the death of the sinner, but desires that the sinner covert and live." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 3/13/11

"Love's omnipotence always respects man's freedom; it knocks at his heart and awaits his answer with patience." H. H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 3/27/11

"When we let our life be illumined by the light of Christ, we experience the joy of being liberated from all that threatens our life’s complete fulfillment." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 4/3/11

"Here is the novelty that breaks and goes beyond every barrier! Christ destroys the wall of death, in him there dwells the fullness of God, who is life, eternal life." H.H Benedict XVI - Angelus 4/10/11

"We need the humility of a faith which seeks the face of God and trusts in the truth of his love." H.H Benedict XVI - Homily 4/17/11

"All of us, as members of the people of God - bishops, priests, deacons, laity, men and women religious - are making our pilgrim way to the heavenly homeland where the Virgin Mary has preceded us, associated as she was in a unique and perfect way to the mystery of Christ and the Church." H.H. Benedict XVI - Homily 5/1/11

"In [Mary] the luminous face of Christ is reflected. If we follow her with docility, the Virgin will lead us to him." H.H Benedict XVI - Angelus 5/8/11

"Only those who are attentive to the Lord’s voice are able to determine by their own conscience the right choices to act according to God." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 5/15/11

"Also today the vocation of the Church is evangelization: whether to populations which have not yet been "irrigated" by the living water of the Gospel, or those that, though having ancient Christian roots, are in need of new sap to bear new fruits, and rediscover the beauty and joy of the faith." H.H. Benedict XVI - Regina Coeli 5/29/11

"We have been created and saved by love, and it is only in love, the love which desires and seeks the good of others, that we truly experience the meaning of life and find happiness in living it." H.H. Benedict XVI - Address to Croatian Youth 6/4/11

"The Holy Spirit...gives meaning to prayer, he gives vigor to the evangelizing mission, he makes the hearts of those who hear the glad tidings burn." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 6/12/11

"The Eucharist constitutes a kind of 'antidote,' which operates in the minds and hearts of believers and continually sows in them the logic of communion, of service, of sharing, in a word, the logic of the Gospel." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 6/26/11

"God does not force us to believe in him, but he draws us to himself with the truth and goodness of his incarnate Son: love, in fact, always respects freedom." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 7/10/11

"If we are children of such a great and good Father, we must seek to resemble him!" H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 7/17/11

"The true quality of our own life and that of society depends on a person’s rightly formed conscience, and on everyone’s capacity to recognize good, separating it from evil, and to try and bring it about patiently to contribute to the cause of justice and peace." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 7/24/11

"In the Eucharist Jesus also makes us witnesses of God’s compassion towards all our brothers and sisters. The Eucharistic mystery thus gives rise to a service of charity towards neighbour." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 7/31/11

"Even before we seek the Lord or invoke him, it is he himself who comes to meet us, who lowers Heaven to stretch out his hand to us and raise us to his heights; all he expects of us is that we trust totally in him, that we really take hold of his hand." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 8/7/11

"The Christian knows that he does not carry the cross alone but with Jesus, sharing in his way of donation." H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus 8/28/11

"Dare to be glowing saints, in whose eyes and hearts the love of Christ beams and who thus bring light to the world." Address 9/24/11

"God gives himself into our hands, he allows himself to be an unfathomable mystery of weakness and manifests his omnipotence in fidelity to a
plan of love
." Angelus - 10/02/11

"By her yes to the call of God, she contributed to the manifestation of divine love in the midst of humanity." Address - 11/18/11

"True joy is not a mere passing state of soul, nor something that is achieved by our own power but is a gift; it is born from the encounter with the living person of Jesus." Angelus - 12/11/11

"The high standard of the Christian life consists in loving "as" God loves; with a love that is shown in the total, faithful and fruitful gift of self." Message for Vocations - 12/18/2011

"If God’s merciful love is infinite, he who even sent his only Son as a ransom for our life, [then] our responsibility is likewise great." Angelus 3/18/12

"Each of us is the fruit of love...in the moment that I realize this, my life changes: it becomes a response to this love, greater than any other, and thus is my freedom fully realized." H.H. Benedict XVI - Regina Coeli, April 29, 2012

"We must learn to believe first of all... in authentic love, the kind that comes from God and unites us to Him" Homily, June 3, 2012 "

"The Christian life requires, as it were, the 'martyrdom' of daily fidelity to the Gospel; the courage, that is, to allow Christ to increase in us." H.H. Benedict XVI - General Audience, August 29, 2012

"Charity moves us to be attentive to others and to meet their needs rather than looking for justifications to defend our interests." - H.H. Benedict XVI - Angelus, December 16, 2012

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