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Mission Statement

a branch of the Family of the Two Hearts

Apostle of the Two Hearts in charge of this mission:  Cecilia Soñe

The apostolic mission of the Religious Congregation “Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary” is to promote, in all ways possible, the spirituality and reign of the Two Hearts in the hearts of all men, in order to build a new civilization of love and life. This is done by faithfully witnessing to the life, Magisterium and treasures of the Church.

From this mission, a wide variety of apostolates are born, like branches from the trunk of a tree. Many of these missions are carried out by our lay associates: “Apostles of the Two Hearts”, men and women dedicated to bringing the redeeming force of the love of the pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary to all areas of society, going forth to conquer hearts, families and the world for the reign of the Two Hearts and for the good of the Church.

Two Hearts for Life, is an apostolate that intends to foster, in couples and families, a new heart and a new mentality that is a joyful witnessing to the culture of love and life. We clearly understand that this new mind and heart is only acquired by receiving the power of the Holy Spirit which transforms the innermost realities of men. Together with a strong spirituality, we want to foster in these couples and families, a life that is Eucharistic-centered, profoundly Marian, rooted in Sacred Scripture, faithful to the teachings of the Church, and opened to the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, promoting a deep sense of communion of hearts with all those united in serving this ministry or who are being served by it.

Integral Formation is crucial for building a new civilization. Therefore, those who work in this apostolate, as well as those who are being ministered by it, must actively seek to know, live and transmit the Magisterium of the Church, and to discover the great treasures available to all in the life of the Church. We are to joyfully and faithfully be witnesses to the light by implementing the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and, in a very particular way, the riches of the abundant Magisterium of His Holiness, John Paul II, especially in the areas of the Gospel of Life, spousal and human love, parental responsibility and dignity of the human person.

This apostolate is formed by:
• Professionals in the health area: doctors, nurses, NFP instructors, fertility experts, post-abortion counselors, pro-life and family counselors.
• Couples committed to live the vision of the Church for the family: to be a sanctuary of love and life. These couples are called to be bearers of this powerful vision to the world and to modern society.

Those involved in serving in this apostolate, are to:
1. promote with love, joy and fidelity, the moral teachings of the Church in the areas of:
• The sacredness of all human life, from conception to natural death.
• The sacredness of human sexuality as a gift of God, discovering its profound meaning through the development of doctrine presented by His Holiness, John Paul II on the Theology of the Body and human love.
• The correct understanding of the role of man and woman in the designs of God and their active participation as co-creators.

2. be men and women of a strong spiritual and sacramental life and of a solid family life, giving witness, with the testimony of their own lives, to the power of the redeeming love of the Two Hearts.

3. be committed to ongoing formation in Catholic faith and morals. This must include:

• the Catechism of the Catholic Church
• the documents of the Second Vatican Council in order to live by its spirit and authentic interpretation.
• a systematic study of the Encyclicals, Apostolic Letters and Exhortations of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, with particular emphasis on the topics of family, marriage, human love, sacredness of life, natural family planning and parenting.
• the spirituality and teachings of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary, since this apostolate is born from this Congregation and is totally under its spiritual and pastoral guidance.

4. serve the couples and families with a spirit of humility, generosity, sacrifice and charity. Always seeking to edify and to bring about the good in the hearts of all, modeled in the merciful love, forgiveness and self-giving of the Two Hearts.

5. lead the ones they serve in this apostolate to have a personal encounter with the love of Christ and with the Blessed Mother. To help them find their strength in the sacramental life, in the communion of saints, and in the abundant graces given by the Church.

May the pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who, in their perfect communion of love were opened to give life in the event of the Cross, teach us the way of perfect love, allowing our hearts to be pierced to give life.

Mother Adela Galindo
Foundress SCTJM and Family of the Two Hearts


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