"After contemplating an agonizing Jesus looking for someone to console Him, I understood that Jesus desired that this congregation would become a loving offering of consolation and reparation to His Heart and the Heart of His Mother." (Mother Adela)




"This congregation needs to become a beautiful monstrance where the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is lifted 'very high'." (Mother Adela)



"Our call to an identification with the Heart of Mary means that we should be Her image and presence in the world, reflecting her spiritual maternity." (Mother Adela)




" Our being charismatic means to live and work in the power of the Holy Spirit, guided totally by His inspirations and inflamed with His Love." (Mother Adela)




"We are called to teach the Magisterium of the Church  with love, making the wealth of her treasures known and loved.  We should do this with fidelity and enthusiasm, as well as with profound respect and humility."  (Mother Adela)



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