Pope Benedict XVI - Angelus



December 19: On St. Joseph, the Legal Father of Jesus
"He Looks to the Future with Confidence and Courage"
December 12: On the Third Sunday of Advent
"The Word of the Lord Does Not Pass"
December 8: On the Immaculate Conception
"Grace is Greater than Sin...God's Mercy is More Powerful than Evil"
December 5: On St. John the Baptist
"A Star that Shines Before the Rising of the Sun"
November 28: On the First Sunday of Advent
"Man is Alive So Long as He Waits"
November 21: On the Solemnity of Christ the King
"Jesus, From the Throne of the Cross, Receives Every Man with Infinite Mercy"
November 14: On Agricultural Work
"This is the Moment for the Re-evaluation of Agriculture"
November 7: On the Sagrada Familia
"A Hymn of Praise to God Carved in Stone"
November 1: On All Saints Day
"Sanctity...is the Objective of a Christian Life"
October 31: On Zacchaeus and God's Mercy
"God Excludes No One, Neither the Poor Nor the Rich"
October 24: On the Synod of the New Evangelization
"The Church Exists to Evangelize"
October 17: On the 6 Newly Recognized Saints
"Living Image of the Love of God"
October 10: On  the Rosary
"It Leads Directly to Jesus, Contemplated in His Mysteries"
October 3: On  Marian Devotion
"Mary is the Model of Christian Life"
September 26: On  Love with a Capital "L"
"Our Eternal Destiny is Conditioned by Our Attitude"
September 19: On  Blessed John Henry Newman's Love of Mary
"He Lived His Priestly Ministry in a Spirit of Filial Devotion"
September 12: On the Parables of Mercy
"Although Being Sinners, We Are Loved by God"
September 5: On  the World Youth Day Message
"Friendship With Jesus Is Able to Give to a Young Person What He Needs"
August 29: On Jesus' Humility
"Christ Himself Took the Lowest Place"
August 22: On Our Mother and Queen
"Let Us Entrust the Daily Prayer for Peace to Her Intercession"
August 15: On the Example of Mary
"A Source of Courage and Hope for All of Us"
August 8: On the Logic of Love
"The One Who Hopes has been Given the Gift of a New Life"
August 1: On the Saints' WIsdom of Heart
"Choosing God, They Possessed Every Necessary Thing"
July 25: On the Lord's Prayer
"Words of Sacred Scripture That We Have Known Since Childhood"
July 18: On Martha and Mary
"We are Reminded of the Need to Rest from Our Daily Labors"
July 11: On the Good Samaritan
"The Logic of Christ... Is the Logic of Charity"
July 4: On the Perfect Model of Obedience
"We too...are Called to Appreciate a Sober Way of Life"
June 29: On Saints Peter and Paul
"They Received From God Different Charisms and Different Missions"
June 27: On Following Christ
"One of the Most Beautiful Experiences"
June 20: On the Power of the Cross
"Taking up the Cross Means Committing Oneself to Defeating Sin"
June 13: On the Year for Priests, Year of Fruits
"The Priest is Formed by Christ's Charity Itself"
June 6: On Mary's Example of Hope
"We, Her Children, Live in the Same Confident Hope"
May 30: On the Trinity
"We Are Called Daily to be Open to the Action of Grace"
May 23: On Many Pentecosts
"The Church 'Lives Constantly from the Effusion of the Holy Spirit'"
May 16: On the Feast of the Ascension
"The Lord, Taking the Road to Heaven,
Gives Us a Foretaste of Divine Life"
May 9: On the Month Dedicated to Mary
"Humble and Discreet Protagonist of the
1st Steps of the Christian Community"
May 2: On Our Lady of Consolation
"From Her We Can Always Learn How to Look Upon Jesus"
April 25: On the 47th World Day of Prayer for Vocations
"The First Form of Witness that Awakens Vocations is Prayer"
April 18: On Our Lady of Ta'Pinu
"Pray to Her Under the Title of Queen of the Family"
April 11: On God's Mercy
"Everyone Can Receive the Gift of Peace and Life"
March 28: On 25 Years of World Youth Days
"I Renew this Call to the New Generation to Give Witness"
March 21: On Casting Stones
"Let Us Learn ... Not to Judge and Not to Condemn Our Neighbor"
March 14: On the Prodigal Son and Spiritual Maturity
"Now We Know God: He is Our Father"
March 7: On the Suffering the Lord Allows
God "Is Good and Cannot Will Evil"
February 28 : On the Transfiguration
"The Joys Sown by God in Our Life Are Not the Destination"
February 21 : On the New Adam's Obedience
"The World Improves Beginning With Ourselves"
February 14 : On the Beatitudes and Divine Justice
"This is the Task that the Lord's Disciples are Called to Undertake"
February 7 : On the Divine Call
"Encounter With God Brings Man to Recognize His Own Poverty"
January 31: On One of the Most Beautiful Passages of the Bible
"Charity is the Christian Difference"
January 24: On Christian Unity
"The Call to Holiness is For All"
January 17: On Baby Jesus, the Refugee
"The Child ... Must First of All and Always Be Considered a Person"
January 10: On the Baptism of the Lord
"We have the Gift and Task of Living as Sons of God"
January 6: On the Feast of Epiphany
"A Confirmation of the Perfect Harmony Between
 Human Seeking and Divine Truth
January 1: On Beginning a New Year
"Thank You, Holy Mother, Who Gave Birth to the Savior"

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