Pope Benedict XVI - Angelus



December 18 - On Our Lady's Question to Gabriel
December 11 - On True Joy
November 13 - On the Talents Entrusted Us by God
November 6 - On Hope in Life
November 1 - On All Saints Day
October 16 - On the Year of Faith
October 2 - On the Lord's Work in History
September 18 - On a New Sense of Life and Existence
September 11 - On the Virgin's 'Fiat'
September 4 - On Fraternal Correction
August 28 - On Thinking Like God and Accepting the Cross
August 21 - On Life After World Youth Day
August 15 - On the Assumption
August 14 - On Nourishing Faith
August 7 - He Expects Us to Trust Totally in Him
July 31 - On the Multiplication of the Loaves
July 24 - On Solomon's Heart
July 17 - On Our Good and Great Father
July 10 - On Jesus, Himself a Parable
July 3 - On the Yoke of Christ
June 26 - On the Eucharist as Antidote to Individualism
June 12 - On the Church's Baptism Day
May 29 - On the Joy the Gospel Brings
May 22 - On the Way, the Truth, and the Life
May 15 - On Workers for the Lord's Harvest
May 8 - On the Mother, Present with the Son
April 10: On the Resurrection of Lazarus
"It is a Reality that Goes Beyond the Limits of Our Reason"
April 3: On Laetare Sunday
"Let Us Revive in Ourselves the Gift Received in Baptism"
March 27: On Christ, Weary and Thirsty
"Jesus' Weariness...Can Be Seen as a Prelude to the Passion"
March 20: On the Lord's Transfiguration
"It is a Revelation of His Divinity"
March 13:  On Sin and Evil
"God Is Determined to Deliver His Children
From Slavery to Lead Them to Freedom"
March 6:  On the Foundation of Rock
"Find Space Every Day for the Word of God"
February 27:  On Trust in Divine Providence
"The Christian is Distinguished by His
Absolute Trust in the Heavenly Father"
February 20:  On Christian Perfection
"He Who Welcomes the Lord in His Life ... Can Begin Again"
February 13: On Christ and the "Fullness" of the Law
"What Is This Superior Justice That He Demands?"
February 6: On the World Day of the Sick
"The Lord Cares for Man in Every Situation"
January 30: On the Beatitudes as a Program of Life
"Teaching that Comes from Above and Touches the Human Condition"
January 23: On Praying for Christian Unity
"Conversion to Christ is the Way that Will Lead...to Full Visible Unity"
January 16: On the World Day of Migrants and Refugees
"The Messiah, the Son of God, was a Refugee"
January 9: On Baptism: Gift and Responsibility
"I Would Like to Encourage All of the Faithful to Rediscover the
Beauty of Being Baptized"
January 6: On the Epiphany
"To All Those Who Seek Truth, We Must Offer Them the Word of God"
January 2: On the Mystery of the Incarnation
"The Word is a Living Reality"

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