February 24: On the Transfiguration
"The Lord is Calling Me to Scale the Mountain"
February 17: On the First Sunday of Lent
"We Join Him and Ask Him to Give Us the Strength to Fight Our Weaknesses"
February 10: On the Call of the First Apostles
"Never be Discouraged in Proclaiming Christ to All Men"
February 3: On the Truth of God's Love
"Love and Truth are Two Names of the Same Reality - Two Names of God"
January 27: On the Christian Sense of 'Carpe Diem'
"Every Day can become the Today of Salvation"
January 13: On the Baptism of the Lord
"May every Christian, in this Year of Faith, Rediscover
the Beauty of being Reborn from Above"
January 6: On Epiphany
"Mary’s Faith becomes the First Fruit and the
Model of the Faith of the Church"
January 1: On Mary, Mother of God
"God has Caused His Face to Shine Upon Us"

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